What is Hospice?
When a cure is no longer possible for a disease process, Hospice is a service designed to help patients and their families through life's final journey. The focus shifts from treatment to pain and symptom management, spiritual and emotional support, and keeping the patient as comfortable as possible while providing everything needed to stay at home. Hospice provides medications, medical equipment, and medical supplies in addition to regular visits by our staff.

Why is Hospice such a unique program?
When the patient's physician determines their life expectancy would normally be 6 months or less, and further treatment is declined, Hospice is the perfect provider of healthcare. It is designed for patients nearing the end of life, and the staff is experienced in dealing with all the circumstances associated with this event. The care, compassion and support provided to the patient and their loved ones by Hospice is unavailable through any other healthcare provider.

Is Hospice only for cancer patients?
NO! Hospice care is available to any person with a terminal disease process. Some of the disease processes include:

• End stage Alzheimer's
• ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)
• End stage cardiovascular disease
• End stage CVA (stroke)
• End stage pulmonary disease
• End stage renal disease
• End stage dementia
• End stage liver disease
Is Hospice covered by my insurance?
In most cases, yes. Hospice is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance policies. The criteria for coverage depends upon your insurance. Our Customer Service Center can help you determine Hospice benefits under your insurance. Call them at
202–7882 or 1–800–850–6789.

Can you only receive Hospice care for a 6-month period?
No. The Medicare and Medicaid Hospice benefit is actually indefinite. As long as the patient continues to meet the criteria, they can continue to receive care. In some cases, private insurance policies have limitations on Hospice coverage. However, once admitted to Hospice we will continue providing care even if the insurance benefits are exhausted.

Does Hospice mean "giving up"?
Not at all. Hospice means having individualized care focusing on pain and symptom management, quality of life and support for the family as well as the patient.

Is it true that you cannot go back to the hospital once you are admitted to Hospice?
No. Inpatient care is a part of the Hospice benefit. A patient can return to the hospital if pain or symptoms cannot be controlled well at home, or if a family crisis occurs and no one is able to be at home with the patient.

Can a nursing home resident receive Hospice care?
Yes. Since the nursing home is considered their place of residence, Hospice services can be provided to them.

How Do I Donate to Hospice?
All donations to Baptist Health Hospice are made through the Baptist Health Foundation. You have two options to donate:


1. Click here and you will be taken to the online donation page of the Foundation website. Complete the required information at the top of the page.
2. Scroll down to the "You may select the area you wish to support" section, choose "Other Area (please specify)" and type "Hospice" in the box provided.
3. If your gift is a memorial, please check the appropriate box and enter the name of the person in the box provided.


If you prefer to donate by mail, please send your check to:

Baptist Health Hospice
11900 Colonel Glenn Road, Suite 2000
Little Rock, AR 72210

If it is a memorial gift, please be sure to indicate the name of the person on the check or in enclosed correspondence so the family can receive acknowledgment of your donation. If you have any questions about memorials, please call us at 202-7474 or 1-800-900-7474.

You may have other questions not answered on this page. Please call our Customer Service Center staff at 202–7882 or 1–800–850–6789. They will take as much time as necessary to answer your questions and explain what Hospice can offer to you and your family.