Patient Focused Care

Baptist Health Home Health Network's mission is to provide expert care in the comfort of your home. We do that with a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and circumstances, and a highly-trained staff committed to excellence. We also work in close consultation with your physician to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Our sole focus is meeting your healthcare needs while you are a patient of our agency.

For individuals who have one or more chronic diseases (diabetes, heart failure, COPD, etc.) we developed and implemented the award-winning Home-Based Chronic Care Model that empowers participants to successfully manage their condition at home. All our clinical staff have received specialized training in this model and how to apply its principles. If you or your loved one struggles with a chronic condition, we offer this exciting new approach that has given hope to many who felt hopeless.

If you would like more information about our services, please call our Customer Service Center at 202-7480 (in greater Little Rock) or toll-free at 1-800-850-6789. You can also discuss your needs with your physician, who can call us with orders for Home Health. Please let us know how we may be of service.