Home Health

When most people think of healthcare, they think of a building where it is provided: the hospital, physician's office, outpatient center, etc. However, your home can also be a place for the provision of healthcare services! It doesn't get more personal and convenient than that!

Baptist Health Home Health Network provides patients the following services (as ordered by the patient's physician):

  • Skilled Nursing 
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medical Social Work
  • Home Health Aide

    Complications can be prevented in some patients by daily monitoring their vital signs with a Telehealth unit placed in their home. This cutting-edge technology is part of our standard of care and is provided at no cost to the patient. Use of this technology allows early identification of developing problems and may prevent an unnecessary trip to the Emergency Room and/or a rehospitalization.

    Home Health can also provide an alternative to hospitalization, or reduce the length of stay in the hospital, by allowing the patient to discharge home earlier than they could without the continuing service Home Health provides. In some cases, Home Health is the extension of a physician's plan of care between office visits which helps patients stay on track with their treatment.

    By sending medical professionals into your home, we can personalize the care we provide and customize it to your home environment. THAT'S what makes Home Health different: when it's difficult to leave your home for medical services we come to you and provide what you need in the privacy and comfort of your home.